Inked Society: Tattooing’s New Social Network?

Social networking is one of those things in tattooing that just makes sense. In fact, any kind of social media does. We’re all just a friedly bunch and we love to talk too much! Go to any tattoo shop, and you’ll see that. Because of this, you’ll already have seen apps like Inked’s online, in many shapes and forms. Nevertheless, it’s fairly new and it’s worth you at least knowing about.

Inked Society is probably the most recent social network aimed at tattooing. The idea is very simple- you just sign up, create a profile, and start posting. You can post up pictures of your tattoos, or perhaps the latest gossip from the last convention… basically, anything you like. You can read others’ posts, and check out events, too. You can also follow profiles, too. Here’s a screenshot to give you a basic idea:


Okay, first off, here’s one thing that’s weird: you can make people pay to read your posts. Honestly. I don’t really understand what that’s all about, but basically you can buy credits, which will let you into posts which others have decided you should pay to see. You can also do this for your own posts themselves. In all honesty, I think that’s stupid. I wouldn’t pay to read someone’s status on Inked!

Another annoying thing is the app itself. Here’s a hint- never ever turn on notifications for this thing. After I downloaded the app, a girl called Jessica added me, so I started following her too. Straight away, the notifications started coming. ‘Jessica is online’; ‘Jessica is on chat’; ‘Jessica just posted a status’… I’m sure Jessica is a lovely girl, but I just don’t care if she’s online. No one needs that many notifications for one app.

I’m sure this app will get a lot better soon enough, though for now you can kind of tell it’s relatively new. It’s worth a download, as long as you turn off notifications, though you’ll only really use it to waste five minutes at the bus stop on your phone, in all honesty. I hope it gets a little better, as it might end up being something people use a lot, but I’m keeping my Instagram addiction for now!

If you want to give this a go, you can download the app on iTunes for free, here.

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