The Gypsy Gentleman: In Paris

A new episode of The Gypsy Gentleman is now online! Brilliant!

Marcus Kuhn’s project now has up on the website a new episode which is set in Paris, and it is really fantastic and you have to check it out now. This one features Laura Satana and Tin-Tin, too, who are absolutely amazing tattooers.

Laura Satana is one of those tattooers who, if you know of her work, you probably wonder why not many people seem to be familiar with her as much as they are. She’s been tattooing for over fifteen years, and does lovely fine line cholo work. Tin-Tin’s work is also fantastic, and you can see why people respect what he does so much, as his Japanese stuff is immense. I really like his realism work, too. You’ve probably seen Tin-Tin’s work before, as he’s a real legend in French tattooing.

In this episode, as well as the usual stuff, the guys go to the catacombs in Paris, which is really cool, then do some tattoos afterwards of the skulls and things they find in there. There’s also some really interesting stuff on Paris itself, as Marcus looks around the city and films the parts of it that most people never really bother with in other documentaries. Marcus has a really great way of showing you around a city as if he’s lived there all his life, and makes even normal everyday life look truly outstanding.

Anyway, you need to watch this thing. You can see it below, or click here! Also, check out the Gypsy Gentleman website, here.

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