TAM and Larry Brogan: Building a Solid Portfolio

After a Sunday of looking at anything and everything on the Internet, I found a pretty cool piece on the TAM Blog by Larry Brogan, on building up your tattoo portfolio. It’s a really cool piece that tattooers should read.

I really like the TAM blog, and I like how they put up loads of cool posts for tattooers, without stepping over the line with what advice they should be giving. This one is more about how tattooers should be showing off their work, which is really cool. From the post:

There are many different ways to present your portfolio: a simple photo album, a slide show on a laptop, a collage of photos in a frame, the Internet or even your iPod. Whatever works best for you to get people to see your work is fine, but I prefer a typical photo album with large, full-sized 8½” x 11” photo paper that I print directly from my computer–quite often on the day I do the tattoo.

There are loads of cool ways you can show it all off. I quite like those digital frames that tattooers tend to have at conventions. You can buy those pretty cheap, too- here’s one from Argos which is 30GPB. You can also buy some great photo albums from Paperchase here.

Your portfolio shouldn’t only be on Facebook- how will you show customers who walk in the shop your work if it’s all on there? Thankfully, there are loads of cool ways to show it all off and make sure your customers are coming to you for all the right reasons.

You can see Larry’s full post here!

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