Robert Aalbers: Clean Solid Tattoo Flash

One of my all time favourite publishers, Kintaro Publishing, sent me a fantastic new release this week that I couldn’t wait to share with you guys. Clean Solid Tattoo Flash, by Robert Aalbers, is their newest book, and it’s one of the best flash books I’ve seen for a long time.

Robert is a great tattooer to begin with, but this book blows my mind. It’s full of all the classics, inspired by Percy Waters, Owen Jensen, August Coleman, and Sailor Jerry, among others, as well as Robert’s own designs.

The book is pretty Ronseal, to be honest- if it says Clean Solid Tattoo Flash on the cover, you don’t expect anything less, and the title doesn’t disappoint. This flash is really fantastic, and is flawless. I recognised a few repaints in this which really blew me away, and I hope you get the same feeling when you see them, too. The way Robert paints is perfect, and everything just feels how tattooing should do. It’s full of all your old favourites, and it’ll give you some new ones too.

To make things even better, Kintaro knew that you’d want to put all this amazing flash on the wall, so they’ve perforated the pages so you can rip them out and hang them up! Brilliant!

I highly recommend buying this beautiful book. To order your own copy, please feel free to click here!

Below are some shitty photos I took from the book. They’re all at angles because I get tired of people ripping off great tattooers’ work, but I hope that doesn’t put you off- you need to buy this.

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