F*ck Cancer: A Complete Success!

If you follow this blog you probably remember a post last month about Thomas Morgan’s fundraiser for Louise Schiffmacher and the FC Cancer Foundation. Well, it all went down over the past few days, and it looks like it was so much fun!

The event had over 50 of the best tattooers in the world working away for a solid 72 hours, tattooing specially made flash and getting up to all sorts of fun. The final total of the fundraiser still hasn’t been announced (check here for updates!), though it looks like it was huge.

Thomas Instagrammed (is ‘Instagrammed’ a word?) a lot of the event, so I managed to find some really cool photos that I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing here. You can click here to see all of his photos. I hope that the total amount of money raised was massive, and I hope everyone had a great time, too! I love it when things like this happen, and I love that tattooing has so many good people within it who can stick together and support those who truly deserve it.

Anyway, you can see some photos below. If I hear anything else about how much was raised, I’ll let you all know!

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