Modern Body Art’s Fundraiser: £15, 306.42 Raised!

Last month, you may remember I told you guys about the Modern Body Art charity fundraiser, set up by Rachel Baldwin afer her mam died not too long ago. The fundraiser was for Cancer Research UK, and it had some really great things going on. The guys at Modern Body Art, as well as those in loads of other tattoo shops (list here!), tattooing all day for the charity. They had a blast, and did some super awesome tattoos, too. There was also a raffle, where you could win some beautiful artwork, like these, by Rachel herself:

The guys have had their fundraiser now, and I’m really happy to let you guys know that they managed to raise not only the £3,000 they were hoping for, but over 500% of that! They raised, in the end, an awesome:

£15, 306.42

It’s all good!! Well done guys. Things like this make me smile. It’s really fantastic that so many tattooers can go out of their way to do these kinds of things for charity, and be so successful with it.

I hope that this inspires a few more shops to do something similar speaking of which, Thomas Morgan’s current fundraiser for cancer charities is still ongoing, in its third day! I’ll have more on that for you tomorrow!

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