Ladies & Ink’s Female Tattooists: Out Now

A new book called Female Tattooists has just been published by a community called Ladies & Ink, and it looks like a nice little read. The book is up now on Lulu, and features over 100 tattooers. Inside, there are paintings, drawings, embroidery, and of course tattoos. From the page, here’s a list of great tattooers who are featured:

Loretta Leu [Switzerland], Debra Yarian [US], Horiren the First [Japan], Virginia Elwood [US], Tai Iglesias [Spain], Marie Sena [US], Katja Ramirez [US}, Lina Stigsson [Netherlands], Jaclyn Rehe [UK], Anna Day [Australia], Alix Ge [France], Giulia Frederica [Italy], Silvia Zed [UK], Guen Douglas [Netherlands], Camila Rocha [US], Bruna Yonashiro [Brazil], Sarah Bolen [Germany] & many more.

Now, normally I don’t really like this kind of thing, and wouldn’t put it up on the site. I don’t think there’s much point to all this ‘go team’ shit with female tattooers, because they’re the same as the male ones (just without balls). Sometimes I wonder if a male only book or convention would be just as welcomed.

On the other hand, there are some really amazing tattooers in the book, whether or not it’s focused on them being female. This is what a lot of the ‘go team’ shit forgets to do. The work inside the book looks really fantastic, and it’s great to see that there are tattooers from all over the world in this. The book looks like it has been put together really well, and seems well thought-out. I think it’s still worth a read, and would look good on your coffee table.

You can buy the book by clicking here. The book is available on Lulu, and is $299.99.

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