Red, blue, tattooed…and removed

Image courtesy of Eric Hartsburg

You may remember this post  about the wrestler who auctioned off space on his face on eBay and ended up with a Mitt Romney campaign logo tattooed on it.

Obviously, this was not a wise move as Barack Obama was voted in for a second term as US president. However, Eric Hartsburg, or Erico as he is known in the ring, will be laughing all the way to the bank after reportedly pocketing $15,000 from the deal, funded by an anonymous Republican supporter.

On his way to the bank, he will be stopping in at his local laser removal clinic. Yes, Erico is in fact planning to get the tattoo removed.

According to this report on the NY Daily News website, Indiana resident Hartsburg will get the blue and red ‘R’ which symbolises the Romney-Ryan campaign removed from his bonce.

Weeks after Obama defeated the former Massachusetts governor in the November presidential election, the wrestler said: “Now to me it represents not a losing campaign, but a sore losing campaign,” the Daily News reports.

Hartsburg added he tried to contact the Romney campaign to discuss the tattoo, and was disappointed that no staff member ever called him back.


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