The Gloves Are Off! The Tattoo Flash Face Off is on IG!

When you’re looking at tattoos on sites like Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook, you can’t help but notice great tattoos. You can’t help but notice awful ones, either. Half of the time, there’s some misguided criticism of a tattoo, regardless of how good it is. If it’s a great tattoo, there may be some self-professed expert who claims their friend said that blue tattoos never heal right, or some other obvious bollocks. If it’s a bad tattoo, there are a load of people telling whoever did it to chop off their hands, but they rarely point out what’s wrong with it.

Well, Myke Chambers would rather that people are a little more positive than that, and are polite with their criticisms. He has set up a new Instagram account called the ‘Tattoo Flash Face Off‘, where tattooers are encouraged to do a tattoo from the flash provided, and others are encouraged to judge it in a positive way. There is also a chance to win the original painting, and a subscription to Tattoo Artist Magazine.

Since the flash is already provided to the tattooers, the technical ability is what people are looking at, rather than the flash itself. I think that’s pretty cool, because it means that you can’t say a tattoo is bad because you simply don’t like it; you can instead judge it in comparison to the others.

Once the flash is posted onto the Instagram account, the first 10 people to tattoo it and send it to will be entered into the face off. From there, it’s up to the tattoo who painted the flash to decide who wins.

On the account, Myke stated:

‘… the purpose of this project is to help tattooers grown AND to help educate the public as to what to look for in a properly crafted tattoo. To the untrained eye most tattoos look well done if the art of the design is appealing to them so we are trying to help them know what to look for.’

There are some killer eagles up on the page at the moment that you really need to check out. You can take a look by either typing @tattooflashfaceoff into Instagram, or clicking here. If you look at this on your phone, it is highly encouraged to take a screen shot so you can zoom in, too!

Below are some cool examples of the last contest, too:

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