Book Alert: ElevenFourteen and The Great Unknown

Two really cool new books are coming out really soon, and you simply must keep an eye on them. I’ve seen some work from both, and they look really unbelievable!

The first, ElevenFourteen, is a flash book containing work from some amazing tattooers. The guys at King’s Avenue, Inksmith & Rogers, Black Heart, Frith Street, Aloha Monkey, and New York Adorned are all involved, as well as many more. The book will hold work from 185 artists, and looks absolutely fantastic.

The book will be $200, plus shipping, and you can find out more about it through the Instagram account for the book, here. Below, you can see some really cool photos from the Instagram account, though I’m sure you won’t need much convincing. Feel free to hover over any picture to see who did it:

Another cool new book is The Great Unknown, which has also been announced on Instagram. Not much is known about this one at the moment, as it has only really been properly announced, though it’s clear it will be full of traditional work. Eli Falconette seems to be the main man you want to speak to for any information, and you can send emails to if you’d like to hear more. The artist list is full, and the book’s release date is yet to be announced.

If you want to keep an eye on this book, you can follow the Instagram account here. Again, here are some cool photos from the account:

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