Amsterdam Tattoo Museum Update

The Tattoo Artist Magazine blog has posted up a new statement from Henk Schiffmacher regarding the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum. They seem to still be battling on at the moment, negotiating a resolution, trying to sort everything out, all while the fate of the museum is still uncertain.

One cool development, however, is a new ‘pop-up gallery location’, which Henk and the guys are busy sorting out. They have the keys to the new location already, and plan on making sure the museum won’t stop in light of reent events.

From the blog post:

With the help of many of you we will open up a pop-up shop with a small gallery, book and merchandise store and a spot for guest tattoo artists. This all coming soon, we’ve just got the keys. Here we will do art shows, run our Blue Bone Society and coordinate the future building of the new Amsterdam Tattoo Museum.

Soon all you supporters shall receive a membership card certificate and a shop plate to prove proudly our gratitude. This all as soon as the necessary administration, membership cards and certificates are out of ‘jail’. So stay patient a little bit longer…

This is really great news for the museum, and I hope that the guys are successful with their new location. However, I can’t stress enough how much we still need to support these guys. This isn’t over yet, so please keep supporting them and trying to help.

As always, if I see or hear anything else, I’ll keep you guys updated!

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