Total Tattoo Hits 100 Issues!

Something awesome happened on Thursday- Total Tattoo hit issue 100! 100 whole months of great tattoos; that is really fantastic stuff. This issue doesn’t disappoint, either.

In this month’s issue, you’ll find features on Dan Gold, George Burchett, Eva Mpatshi, and Davide Andreoli. There are also portfolios by Rachel Baldwin, Mo Coppoletta, and Chris Jones.

If you think that’s already jam-packed, you ain’t seen nothing yet. There is also a feature on the disappearing tattoos of Papua New Guinea, and the East Coast and Brussels tattoo conventions.

This month is also packed full of great competitions. You have the chance to win a tattoo from Modern Body Art, a Dan Gold original painting, tickets for the Brighton tattoo Convention, tickets for Tattoo Sunday in Bruges, and coats and cushions from Toxico Clothing- wow!

Alongside the usual stuff, like the Mugshot (featuring Colourfast Dai this month) and the news pages, this is a really fantastic issue. You need to get off your arse, go to the shops, and buy a copy!

If you don’t want to get off your arse (I don’t blame you), you can always buy digital copies for your computer, phone, or tablet. No magazine does digital better. You can click here to see how to download!

total tattoo 100

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