F*ck Cancer! Fundraiser Next Month

After Louise Schiffmacher first spoke in public on the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum blog about having cancer, even people who have never met her were pretty shocked. With everything that’s happening surrounding the ATM, this seems like the last thing the Schiffmacher clan needs. Thankfully, when there’s a king and queen of tattooing, there are many followers who are more than happy to help when things aren’t so great.

Near the start of next year, Thomas Morgan is going to put on the biggest tattoo fundraiser y’all have ever seen, and if you live even remotely close by and you’re not there, you’re a pleb. In association with F*ck Cancer and HB Tattoo, the fundraiser will 50 tattooers and will try to break the record for the longest tattoo marathon- 72 hours!

The artist list is immense. Just take a look at this:

The fundraiser will take place between the 19th and 22nd of January, and will be at HB Tattoo in Huntington Beach, CA. Like I said, if you’re nearby, and you’re not there, you’re a total loser. Even if you drop by and donate some money, every little helps, right?

I wish everyone involved the best of luck; we’ll be keeping an eye on this for any further news! Unti then, feel free to check out the flyer:


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