Win Original Sailor Jerry Acetates with Tattoo Culture!

Tattoo Culture Magazine has a really special contest at the moment. If you win, you may win one of three original Sailor Jerry acetate stencils- wow!

The contest is run over Instagram, so if you don’t have an account you’ll have to sign up- it’s easy, but I think you still need a smartphone to upload photos. You’ll also need a Sailor Jerry tattoo by a great artist! If you don’t have a smartphone, I’m sure you’ll have a buddy who does. To enter, you need to do three simple things:

  • Firstly, follow Tattoo Culture Magazine, at @tattooculturemagazine.
  • Upload your photo to Instagram.
  • Tag your photo with #mysailorjerry and @tattooculturemagazine

There’s also some cool Sailor Jerry memrobilia to win, so it should be a really cool contest to win! It doesn’t appear to be clear if you can upload tattoos that you have done yourself if you’re a tattooer, but I’d assume that would be okay. If it’s not, well it’s worth a try anyway.

The contest ends on the 28th, so hurry! You can see some more stuff about this here, on Tattoo Artist Magazine’s blog.

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