Tattoo Age: New Thom DeVita Episode

Vice: Were you know for your designs?

Thom DeVita: No, I was known for $30 tattoos!

The latest Thom DeVita episode by Tattoo Age (from Vice!) is now online, and once again it’s great.

This week, in the penultimate episode, Vice looks at Thom’s work in New York, on the Lower East Side. Tattooing was illegal in New York at the time, and Thom was already doing a pretty risky job to begin with, never mind the fact he was tattooing in such a rough area at the time. Thom spent a lot of his time in New York tattooing Puerto Ricans and blue collar workers, convincing them more and more each time to go for more custom work.

It took a lot more to convince people to get tattoos like Thom’s at the time, but he makes it look like it was easy. There’s also a lot in this episode about his studio which he set up in New York at home, and the time he spent with tattooers such as Mike Malone and Ed Hardy. It’s a really great episode, and you need to see this.

You can watch this week’s episode below, or on Vice’s YouTube page here. The next episode is the last one- oh no!

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