Total Tattoo: Out Now!

Total Tattoo’s 99th issue went on sale yesterday- yep, 99th! It’s an absolutely fantastic issue, as always. This issue, all wrapped up in warm colours to keep you toasty for Christmas, is jam packed with brilliant features.

This month, there are features on Johan Finné, Tatu-Lu, Rodrigo Souto, Sharky, and Sarah and Frank Carter. There’s a lot going on in here! The features are fantastic, as always, and are really interesting. I couldn’t tear myself away from the interview with Sarah and Frank Carter, I really loved it and I think you will, too. There ‘Private View’ section with Rodrigo Souto is fantastic as well; his Japanese work is outstanding!

The convention features this month are on The Female Tattoo Show, the Halloween Tattoo Bash, Tattoo Sunday and King of Tattoo. There’s some great work in those, and I really love how honest the features are, this month especially.

Of course, there are the regular features too, including a column from yours truly. This month I’m looking at the fantastic charity work which has taken place within tattooing this year. There’s a lot going on right now as far as charity work goes; even more than there ever was before. I think that’s something that’s really great, and I couldn’t resist writing about it as my last column of 2012.

Alongside the usual stuff in the magazine, it’s all great. You can buy this issue now, from all good retailers, or digitally. To go digital, it’s best to see your options here– you can read it on your phone, computer, or tablet!


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  1. Mel Noir says:

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    Total Tattoo’s 99th issue is out now, and I’m in it! I’m really happy with my column this month, where I’ve had the opportunity to take a look at all the charity work that has happened around tattooing over the past year. I had a great time writing about it, and I hope you have fun reading it. I’m sorry this is late on the blog, I’m rubbish with updating this. Click on the link to see more.

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