Thom Devita: New Tattoo Age Episode

Vice’s new Tattoo Age episode, featuring Thom DeVita, aired yesterday and once again it’s fantastic. These episodes on Thom are extremely enjoyable, and they really give an insight into his life and work in a way that was never really around before.

The focus on this episode is more on Thom’s life than work, and his upbringing in Harlem. He really loves film noir and old jazz, and he talks about how he thinks popular culture went down the toilet after 1939. There’s also a lot in his about Thom’s transition from odd-jobber to tattooer, and life tattooing in the Bowery. It’s a fantastic look at tattooing in New York from the time, not too different to The Gypsy Gentleman’s outstanding New York episode.

Thom is as bright and as funny as ever, of course. He seems to have a habit in this of asking the guys at Vice a question, listening to the answer, then saying it’s wrong, which I keep finding really funny. He’s a person who is just enjoyable to watch on screen, entirely.

The video is fabulous, and you need to watch it. You can see it below, or on Vice’s YouTube channel, here!

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