It’s Here: Electric Pick’s Red Box!

I’m sorry if I sound biased in my excitement over this, but Electric Pick is one of my favourite ever tattooers, so this is awesome! His first in his epic series of books is finally here! Brilliant!


The book is of fantastic hardback quality, and features over 200 pages of artwork. There are also extra pieces by tattooers such as Jesse Smith and Uncle Allan, which is really cool.

The book looks wonderful. Here, take a look inside (or click for a larger image!):

red box inside

It looks like everything you would expect from an Electric Pick book. Wonderful!

I’ve been waiting patiently for one of these since I heard they were coming out, and even after the VIP books went out, I’m still waiting- damn! Maybe I’ll pester someone for a late Christmas present instead. When I do finally get my hands on one, though, I know it’ll be worth the wait. It just looks so good!

I’m sure you’re wondering about prices, you bunch of cheapskates:

465 HKD / 60 US / 47 EU / 38 UK

Whatever, just buy one, it’s only money.

You can buy the book here, and you can check out Nick’s blog here to see more!

[image sources: 1 & 2]

One Response to “It’s Here: Electric Pick’s Red Box!”
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