Tattoo Age: Thom DeVita’s Latest Video

I finally got round to watching the latest Thom DeVita video from Tattoo Age today, and I’m really glad I did. These videos on Thom are so great- just when you think Tattoo Age can’t get better, it does!

This latest video focuses a lot on Thom’s Parkinson’s, which affects his everyday life and art. Having a disease like Parkinson’s would suck to begin with, however I can’t really comprehend how bad it would be if I was an artist with Parkinson’s. Thom seems quite upbeat about it in the video, though, which is nice to see.

The main focus of this video, though, it Thom’s relationship with his apprentice, Nick Bubash. Thom started tattooing Nick about 40 years ago, and taught him how to tattoo soon after. It’s been quite a while since Nick has been an apprentice, though he still treats Thom as his mentor and good friend. Nick heps Thom out whenever he can, and Thom does his best to wind him up all the time- a fantastic partnership! Let’s face it, this is the kind of relationship a tattooer and their apprentice should have.

Anyway, you can find the vido, from Vice, below and on YouTube here. Enjoy!

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