Update: The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum

A lot has happened since we first posted an update about the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum just the other day, and it’s all really important so an update is already due.

Most people are trying to figure out exactly what has happened. Thankfully, the official blog for the museum posted an entry yesterday, explaining a little more. The jist of it is that Henk and the guys had an agreement with a company called ‘Partners aan het werk’, but they didn’t seem to have a proper contract. Over time, things became difficult, and this is the awful result.

From the blog post, here:

Then everything went really fast. One day we where negotiating with “Partners aan het werk” and the landlord (the building is rented by “Partners aan het werk”) and the other day we received a letter that told us we were all banned from the building: Henk, Louise, his kids, the board and his employees. The letter also said we were given 14 days to get our collection out. We were surprised by this development and decided not just to give up. We see the design of the museum as an artwork on its own that Henk made and don’t want to just give this piece of art away.

We tried to get the art we lent from Sailor Jerry out, because the owners don’t trust the art to be save in there without Henk around, but the answer was no. So much for them telling us to get our collection out…

The blog also has a heartwarming letter from Louise Schiffmacher, who has revealed she now has cancer, and will be extremely weak when it comes down to really fighting for the museum. Plus, there is a letter from Henk who has enough fight in him for the two of them.

The TAM Blog also found a Dutch article about it, which they’ve helpfully translated into English with Google Translate. If I get some time tomorrow I’ll ask one of my Dutch speaking friends to translate this quote a little better, but for now here’s a small piece of it (read it in full here):

“I live in a Jiskefetsituatie, become continuous lured out of my tent. But it is a work of art which I started and I want to finish it. Though we must conquer it all together.” Schiffmacher considering legal action.”I fear I nothing else can.”

So far, that’s pretty much everything. Please don’t forget to take some kind of action, though. This is really important, and the museum needs help!

5 Responses to “Update: The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum”
  1. foleyb76 says:

    How can people help the museum to not close down? I’m sure people want to get involved to save the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum.

    • Mel Noir says:

      There are a few ways, mate. The first would be to give them some money, or keep a look out for any fundraisers at your local tattoo shops. I’m currently looking into ways we can help on the site, but I keep hitting brick walls! I’ll figure it out soon enough though. Let me know if you see any cool fundraisers or anything though, yeah? :)

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