Tattoo Age: Thom DeVita Now Online

The first installment of the Thom DeVita episodes for Tattoo Age are now online. See, that wasn’t too long to wait, even if it did feel like forever. This first episode is even better than you probably thought it would be, too.

Here’s some info Vice sent me, in case you’re unfamiliar:

Thom DeVita began tattooing in the late 60s in New York’s Lower East Side, when the practice was illegal. He quickly began to forge his own styles, drawing influence from Puebla Indian designs to Lord and Taylor shopping bags. In this episode, we hear from Ed Hardy, photographer Clayton Patterson, Nick Bubash, Scott Harrison, John Wyatt, Angelo Scotto, Bubba Reeves, Robert Ryan, and more, as we unfold Thom DeVita’s epic story.

This first video really focuses on Thom’s influence on tattooing, and the idea of tattooers as artists. Thom is an artist first and foremost, which is actually really cool. He changed a lot of ideas at the time, because of how he approached it as an artist, instead of a tattooer.

This video also touches on the idea of Thom having a little bit of a cult following, which I have to admit I’ve also noticed before, and on what he’s up to now with his art. Thom hasn’t tattooed professionally for years now, but he still goes to conventions and sells his art there. I actually found it really cool to learn that Thom’s flash was all painted on wood instead of paper or cardboard. Pretty much everything he does, he does in his own way.

Anyway, you need to see this. You can do so below, or on Vice here.

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