A Lucien Freud Tattoo?

I noticed an interesting little piece online the other day which I thought you guys might like. It turns out Kate Moss has a tattoo, by none other than Lucien Freud. She revealed this quite recently, stating that he used to tattoo people when he was in the navy, and gave her some birds on her lower back. From the Daily Mail (don’t judge me!):


In an interview in America, Miss Moss told how Freud – who learned how to give homemade tattoos using permanent ink and a scalpel during a brief stint in the Merchant Navy during the Second World War – offered to draw two tiny swallows at the base of her spine.
Strangely, the Daily Mail decided to try to value the tattoo. They think that if Kate Moss got a skin graft, as she jokes about the interview, she’d get a million for it. Only the Daily Mail would see a tattoo as some sort of commodity, the way they probably see any form of art. I can’t help but wonder, however, how special a tattoo from a famous artist is.

I don’t think that a tattoo from an artist who works in any other medium can ever look good enough. Tattooers will tell you that too. If you can draw, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can tattoo; and being honest I don’t think Kate’s tattoo is that great. Kate has loads of money; she could have got a much better tattoo in a shop! There are some absolutely astounding tattoo artists who live practically on her doorstep, who could have given her a tattoo that isn’t so blurry and faded. The fact that he obviously didn’t have a clean tattoo shop to work from is a whole other issue that we’ve talked about here countless times before, too.

However, I can’t help but also think there’s something quite charming about this. I think for some people, it’s just nice to have the tattoo for the sake of having it. Damien Echols does the same thing- there are many people who go to Saved Tattoo in New York to find Damien, and he’ll happily tattoo an X anywhere on your skin, if you ask him nicely. No one does it because they think a shaky tattoo of an X looks great, they do it because they can say that Damien Echols did it, and they made some kind of connection that day. If Damien Hirst told me he had a clean room in a tattoo shop and wanted to give me a little tattoo, I’d consider it.

You can read the full article here, although I would love to hear your views on this. Would you get a tattoo from your favourie non-tattooer artist? Hit me up in the comments section.
4 Responses to “A Lucien Freud Tattoo?”
  1. Sonia says:

    Lucien Freud or whoever – no scratching on my skin!:-))

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