Time Lapse: Myke Chambers

[Header image from TAM Blog here]

Myke Chambers posted a really great time lapse video yesterday, which you should check out. It’s been quite a while since I last posted one of these, mainly because most of them are a bit rubbish. Myke’s work is consistently brilliant, though, so you know when he posts up something like this it’ll be great.

The tattoo itself is absolutely fantastic. It’s a LeMat revolver, in Myke’s traditional style. The linework is absolutely flawless and really clean. The colours are ‘just right’, and he’s shaded this like nobody’s business. Really nice tattoo, this is. You wanna see? Yeah you fucking do:

It’s a little bit too fast at times, but it’s still good to see! I don’t know if many people agree, but I can’t help but watch intently when I see a great tattooer at work. I think there’s something powerfully interesting about it; it’s quite easy to get a bit lost in staring. I don’t know if it’s just as interesting if you’re a tattooer, who knows how it’s done, but for the rest of us it’s a cool video to kick back to. I think a lot of tattooers probably love to watch these things, too.

Anyway, you can see it below, from Myke’s YouTube channel here.

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