Red, Blue, and Tattooed

I came across an interesting tattoo-related news snippet from the US this week as the country prepares to head to the polls for the presidential elections.

A professional wrestler named Eric Hartsburg has reportedly accepted $15,000 from an anonymous supporter of the Republican party to get presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign logo tattooed on his face.

Pro wrestler Eric Hartsburg

The red and blue logo, tattooed on the right side of Hartsburg’s face of course, is very recognisable as the symbol Romney and his vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan have adopted for their campaign against incumbent Barack Obama.

There is of course a chance this is not actually a real tattoo, but looking at the photo, I suspect it is.

From his comments to the US media, it seems Hartsburg did not get this tattoo because of some deeply held political conviction, but had simply auctioned off space on his face to the highest bidder on eBay.

Luckily, he expects the new tattoo will have the added function of giving him an edge as a wrestler. He explains his logic: “With wrestling, perception is reality. I get paid to be the bad guy. So I’ll be the bad guy and use the stigma against the Republican Party to my advantage.”

“The negative perception of the Republican Party goes back to the Nixon years,” Hartsburg said, according to a report on ESPN. “People look at the Republican Party like they’re the bogeyman under the bed. Now, since I’ve gotten the tattoo, I’m able to inform people that we’re not the bogeyman. The guy who wants to be the Republican president is more than what you’ve been told.”

Hartsburg, who wrestles under the name Erico, still has space available on his forehead for sale via private auction. Obama supporters should move quickly to get the president’s campaign logo on there before Erico changes his mind!


My name is Hannah Smith and I am a regular contributor to Tattoo Revolution Magazine, and now I blog for Tattoosday UK, as long as you dear readers don’t run me out of town! I am on the hunt for ideas for future blog posts so please send me your pics, news, views, whatever to or hannah_fran_ink

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