Chris O’Donnell’s Big Move

I’ve had an eye on the news today, and I have to admit Hurricane Sandy looks scary! I hope that everyone over on the east coast stays safe, and that it isn’t too horrible for everyone. Hopefully I have some news which may cheer a few of you up.

Chris O’Donnell has announced that he’ll be moving his work away from Saved Tattoo to work in a private studio. This is really cool, and it’s something I’m sure loads of tattooers would love to eventually be able to do, too. From the 1st of January, he’ll be working out of his private shop, which is around 45 minutes away from New York City. He’ll still be making regular trips to King’s Avenue and Saved, so if you’d rather book in with him there that’s completely fine.

From Chris’ blog:

Running a successful tattoo shop has been a great experience but I feel that it simply isn’t for me. My interest lies exclusively in tattooing and art making. Developing my abilities and skills in that direction as much as I possibly can. I think Saved deserves someone at the helm that will not only maintain the shop but that has the time and energy to grow it and see it flourish. That is why I am very happy to announce that STEPHANIE TAMEZ will be taking my place as co-owner of Saved and she will be starting a new partnership with Scott Campbell. I’m excited to see how she puts her own spin on being THE BOSS!!!!!

I’m sure Stephanie Tamez will be a really awesome boss, too, and I’m looking forward to seeing how that all pans out. I can see her doing some really cool things for the shop, and I really like her work.

Chris’ post online also details all the changes, and he assures his customers that anyone who has a booking for 2012 will not at all be affected. Read it here!

I think this is really cool, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Saved and Chris’ Private shop.

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