Tattoo Age’s Final Mutsuo Episode

We’re being spoiled lately with online videos. Today, the final Mutuso episode from Tattoo Age went online, and as always it’s really great. This week’s episode focuses more on Mutsuo himself than his art, but it also strays into some other interesting topics.

One of the things which I think is important in this video is Mutsuo talking about the prejudice people in Japan face over their tattoos. Over here in the UK, people love to whine about how much they’re discriminated over their tattoos (never happened to me!), but they don’t even know how lucky they are. In Japan, people with tattoos are judged a lot more, though Mutsuo says it is getting better.

Another thing I think is really cool is Mutsuo’s desire to keep learning. He says that he wants to learn more about Japanese and American traditional styles, and even styles outside of tattooing. It’s nice to see great tattooers who want to keep learning! I bet Mutsuo’s work is even better in a few years time, and will melt your face off with its awesomeness in a decade if he keeps it up!

Anyway, you can see this all for yourself below, or on here.

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