Some offerings from the BBC

One of our favourite British institutions, the BBC, is a bit funny sometimes when it comes to tattoos. They can go months and months without a mention of it, then all in one week they’ll suddenly bring the noise with some really cool stuff! Over the last week, two really cool things in particular have caught my eyes and ears which I’m really glad I can show you guys with the iPlayer. I’m sorry to our friends in other countries, as iPlayer isn’t really available anywhere else.


Friday’s Phil Gayle radio show saw Total Tattoo’s James Sandercock and tattoo legend Curly talking about the new rules and regulations on the Met Police and their tattoos. It was pretty insightful, and cool to hear. The BBC always seems cool with discussions like this, and since it was on the radio there was a lot of room for discussion! We didn’t actually end up covering this on the site, due to internal reasons. I did write something for The Guardian, though it was never published due to deadline issues. If you want to know, though, here it is:

The Met Police’s New Tattoo Ban

James and Curly go into this a lot, while talking about tattoos and the perception of the ‘professional image’ of those who have them. Listeners also call up and talk about their own experiences as well, which is really cool. There are regular people sharing their opinions, tattooers, a member of the police force and my boss James, all joining in the conversation. It’s enjoyable to listen to, and I’d definitely recommend giving it a listen! You can listen to that by clicking on the picture below, and skipping to 2 hours 50 minutes in:

Link open until Thursday night!

Sunday was also really cool, from Antiques Roadshow, of all shows! The super cool Willy Robinson took some of his treasures from his tattoo museum in Southport (link) to the show for everyone to see. This was a real treat. Willy took with him a poster of Don Manuelo, which is still in good condition after about a century, and some of George Burchett’s tools. The man on the show was really cool about it, even managing to pick up the old dirty needles without being sick, which I could never do! He said that all of this stuff could be worth around five thousand, which is awesome. For those of us around tattooing, they’re obviously priceless. For those of you who can’t see the show due to where you are, I couldn’t help but take some screen shots- these are all (C) the BBC:





It really is a treat to see this, and you can watch it any time between now and Sunday. If you have the BBC iPlayer app, you can even download it and save it for when you’re on the bus- awesome! If you click on the image below, you can watch that. For this one, skip to around 40-45 minutes in.

Wow, this post is now so huge it’s almost a labour of love from me. It is really cool when you see a lot of stuff like this though, especially from good quality stations like those from the BBC. We need more of this, please!

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