Telly Addicts: The Gypsy Gentleman, and some Rubbish

A couple of new shows came out around tattooing just yesterday, one just minutes after I posted yesterday’s news on Tattoo Age- this is the week of the tattoo show, I see! The first one I noticed through angry tattooer friends on Facebook, a show called My Tattoo Addiction on Channel 4.

My Tattoo Addiction was a ‘documentary’ on Channel 4 which explored… I don’t know what, the most stupid people around tattooing, it seems. In the first 15 minutes of the show, I saw that attention seeking man who has all the Miley Cirus tattoos, an idiot who has scribbles of the word ‘cunt’ tattooed on him from when he’s been drunk, and some thick lass who tattoos people in her house. It was lame. It was a complete freak show. 4oD now has about five adverts in between each 15 minute slot, so when it got to the adverts, I didn’t really see the point in sitting through them to get to another bit. I definitely don’t recommend that shit.

Thankfully, the new Gypsy Gentleman is also out! This has made me feel a lot better about the TV media we’ve had around tattooing this week! This is the fifth episode of Tattoo Age, and it’s based in London. The whole show takes place during this year’s jubilee, which was a fantastic time to be in the UK this year.

In his episode Marcus Kuhn is joined by Valerie Vargas and Ian Flower, two of the UK’s coolest tattooers right now. The show, as always, follows a patern of Marcus getting to know the coolest spots in the area, joining other tattooers to look at the art around the city, and creating tattoos based on what they’ve seen. This episode’s theme for the art and tattoos is all around Britain, and patriotic arts. It’s a really wonderful episode, so good that I’m not even going to talk about it any more so that you don’t get bored and forget to scroll down and watch it.

Out of the two, I’m sure you can tell that The Gypsy Gentleman is the show I would recommend you watch. Make yourself a brew, have a nice sit down, and have a good time in front of the box. This is awesome.

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