Tattoo Age: Mutsuo Part II

Tattoo Age’s second instalment of their Mutsuo episode went live yesterday, and it is once again fantastic. This week, the focus is more on Three Tides Tattoo shop, and also Mutsuo’s work and his influences from the tattooers who have visited.

Many people who have heard of Three Tides have heard of the name of the shop through a tattooer who says that they would love to work there one day. It’s one of those shops which everyone loves. The work there is absolutely astounding, and the tattooers who have worked there are those who many respect. It’s an amazing shop, and it was one of the first like this in Japan, particularly Osaka, which is more like the street shops in America and the UK.

Because of the tattooers who have worked there, including Charlie Roberts and Chris Garver (I’ll only name two or we’ll be here all day!), Mutsuo has never learned how to tattoo from only one person, and he’s constantly been inspired and helped along the way by those fantastic tattooers who many people would give their right arm for five minutes with. There’s also a little bit in here about the first convention in Japan in 1999, with some really cool footage which a lot of us in 2012 would take advantage of (video phones are still pretty new, really!).

I won’t speak too much about this, since you just need to watch it! As always, Tattoo Age can be seen on Vice’s website here, or on YouTube below.

One Response to “Tattoo Age: Mutsuo Part II”
  1. I’ve seen this and it’s really fantastic! I can’t wait for the next part!

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