Conspiracy Inc is Moving to Berlin!

I hear about tattooers moving to other countries all the time (just see Friday’s post!), but a whole shop?! That doesn’t happen often. I’d been hearing rumors about this for a week or so, so when Amalie happily confirmed this was happening before telling everyone on the blog, I was actually a little excited about the whole thing. Conspiracy Inc is moving to Berlin! Not only are they moving, they’re actually moving very quickly, with December being the earliest they’ll be there.

Why Berlin? Well, Amalie explains this best on their blog:

If you’re wondering why we’re moving, we’re not quite sure, it’s just something we’ve wanted to try for a long time… and so we just decided to do it, and the dart we were throwing at a world map landed on Berlin, and so that’s were we’re going.
And if you’re wondering if we’re just a little bummed about leaving our beloved studio in Schleppegrellsgade, the answer is “hell yes!”, but since that place was just about the only thing keeping us here, we decided it was worth it.

Here is the important information you need, though. Sparknotes version: The waiting list still exists, and will be unchanged, unless you don’t want to go to Berlin now. If you don’t, you can send the guys an email with the subject “delete me”, and that will be arranged. Matthew Gordon and Wendy Pham will also be joining the guys there, for as long as they would like to stay. David will probably take over the shop in Copenhagen, and you can find out more about that by clicking on his blog here. Also, there will be more guest spots opening up at both shops, and Electric Pick will be at the Berlin shop in February. There is, of course, a lot more information on all of this just here!

This shop looks like it is going to be ridiculously cool, and I can’t wait to see what happens with it! Here’s a sneaky peek, from the blog:

Get in!


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