Dave Simpson: In Australia Next Week!

I’m sorry if this ends up being a short post- I’m nursing one hell of a cold right now! I have some news that I’m both happy and a little sad about. My buddy Dave Simpson is leaving Newcastle next week, to go to Australia for a year. Dave has been a tattooer in a couple of shops around Newcastle, mainly Inkslingers in the city centre. However, Newcastle can be a bit grim at times (three floods near my house recently!), so I don’t blame him for going to the land down under at all.

Dave will be leaving on the 18th, and his first stop will be at Illicit Tattoo in Brisbane. He’ll be working with Chris Illicit Mclean and our pal Blake Heppell, who also tattooed for a while at Inkslingers. You can hit them up for appointments, though it may be easier to speak to Dave himself about them. He already has some really cool things booked in there, so you’ll have to hurry for something awesome from him!

After that, Dave will be at SkinCity in Adelaide with Julian Morrison, Ryan James Fazakerly and Timmy Anderson. I’d assume the same rules apply for getting tattooed there, too. Dave will also be travelling around the country, so you never know where he will end up!

For appointments, you can speak to him through his email address, here.

To keep an eye on where he’ll be, check him out on Instagram through @davesimp

To see how great Dave’s work is, you can check out a really cool picture below:

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