Total Tattoo: Out Now!

It’s that time of the month again. This month’s Total Tattoo finally hit my doorstep the other day (how slow is my mail?!), and yet again it’s a good’un!

This month’s featured tattooers are Leah and Lianne Moule, Tin-Tin, Brad Fink, Max Pniewski, and Claudia De Sabe. Within those guys are features, interviews, and a private view of work. Everything on these featured tattooers is really cool, and it makes for a great issue.

For conventions this month, the Stockholm Inkbash and the Portsmouth Convention are featured, which I think is really cool. It’s nice to see a comparison between conventions from different countries, and the work that’s being done all over the world!

There is also a really awesome feature on the Siberian mummies in there, which is something you guys seemed to enjoy me touching on here– this feature goes a lot more into it (and I must say is better!), so you guys will like that. There is also a feature on Marcus Kuhn and the Gypsy Gentleman in there, which I know you will love. A lot of you guys who meet me end up telling me how much you love that, so you’ll definitely be happy with this inclusion in the magazine this month.

Of course, there is also my little page of the magazine, where this month I’m focusing on the weird stereotypes on tattooing which come from within the industry, which I hope you’ll find interesting.

Along with the usual features such as the gallery, news, and letters stuff, this is another great issue! You need to go and buy it now. You can buy Total Tattoo from all good retailers, online or even on your freakin’ phone (wow future, you’re awesome!). Get on it!

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