Tattoo Age: Valerie Vargas’ Last Installment!

Tattoo Age’s final video on Valerie Vargas is now online, and once again it doesn’t fail to deliver. This week, the Vice series focuses on Valerie’s relationship with Stewart Robson mostly, and it’s actually really lovely to watch. Juliette at Vice always sends me awesome emails each week, and I can’t help but quote her on it:

When we began shooting this piece, we didn’t know how close these wonderfully talented artists were and found ourselves pleasantly surprised by their shared pleasure in tattooing.

Lovely! What a refreshing change. It is great to see how their relationship develops their tattooing, and how they both help each other and have such a huge amount of respect for each other’s work. You can actually see this in the video, as Valerie tattoos a really fantastic dragon on a client.

The video also has some great shots of Valerie and Stewart at the zoo, that you’ll have a chuckle at. The pair just spend all day laughing at sexy fish and drunk turtles, which can’t be a bad way to spend a day at all. I said this last week, but it is really great to see tattooers who are so down to earth and fun. When you see a great tattooer, that is fantastic in itself, but when you get tattooed by them and they’re also nice people that is even better, and I think it will always be something many people find very important.

The video is on Vice’s website right here, and you can also see it below from YouTube. Juliette says there is also another video of Valerie which they’re keeping under their hats for now, but I’ll let you know as soon as it’s out!

Next week Tattoo Age moves on to Mutsuo, I believe. Exciting!

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