Mike Deries and Off The Map- Now on iOS

Mike Devries and Off the Map both recently launched two new iOS apps for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. They’re both really cool and allow you to keep your finger on the pulse with their work wherever you are. Both apps seem to have been made by the same people, but they’re both different in terms of content, of course.

Mike’s app is all based on his work, and nothing else. It’s all really cool. You can see the newest work from him, which is updated regularly, and there’s a news page too for times when one photo won’t cut it. Even the photo galleries are separated into tattoo and art sections, so you can find his work really easily, if there’s something in particular you’re looking for! There’s also a video section, though I’ll admit I couldn’t get that to work on my phone! I’m guessing it’s either just me, or that part should be updated soon. There’s loads of information on there, as well as a wealth of work to gawp at, so it’s certainly worth having in your pocket!

The Off The Map app is more or less the same, except since this app is for the whole shop the videos app has been replaced with an artists one. From there, you can find information on each individual tattooer in the shop, which I found really great. Much like Mike’s app, this has been updated consistently since its launch, which I’m sure they’ll all keep up!

The only bug I really found with the app is that there seems to be a delay between selecting some things (such as an artist on the Off The Map app, or a piece of news from Mike’s), which is a little bit annoying, but the cool thing about iOS apps- they can be easily updated when there are bugs!

Anyway, both apps are free from the App Store, so I’d definitely recommend downloading them. Get on it!

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