London Tattoo Convention: Five Reasons Why It’s Going To Be Amazing!

Hello Tattoo Public! It’s me, Rich!

It has been a while but I am breaking my vow of silence to bring you a post on the perfect way to properly end the summer, that being The 8th International London Tattoo Convention.

Running on the 28th, 29th and 30th of December, London’s Tobacco Dock is hosting the gargantuan festival of tattooing and artistry, featuring over 300 of the world’s biggest tattooers. Without further ado, here are my five reasons why The real London Tattoo Convention is going to be amazing!

1. THE PEOPLE – The people at tattoo conventions genuinely make me happy. In the most part they are there for the love of the craft, and to be honest, the craft is never showcased as well as it is at the London Tattoo Convention, so expect some very happy folk at this convention.

2. THE ARTISTS – Really not much need’s to be said here. You put Valerie Vargas (please watch her Tattoo Age, I beg you , check out the previous post for the video), Robert Hernandez, Boris, Shige, Jondix, Nikko Hurtado, Tim Hendricks, Victor Portugal, Bez, Xoil, and Chad Koeplinger all under one roof and you are in for a big one. With all the other masters of the craft, this is the strongest tattooing line-up ever.

3. THE SHOPPING – For a start Missy LePink’s going to be there, and as Mel covered her Tattoo Tonic the other day, that’s a definite reason to go find her. Team Hell and tonnes of other clothes companies, including the truly wonderful Abandon Ship apparel, tattoo aftercare, piercing tables and so much more for you too spend your well-earned cash on!

4. THE MUSIC – I assume that most if not all of you have heard of The Specials, right?! Right. Well, Neville Staple is going to be there and will be playing with his new band. As we all know we can’t really have a convention without some background music, and with a great line-up planned with music from Larry Miller, Henry’s Funeral, Vince Ray & The Boneshakers, The Brothers Grimm, Jack Rabbit Slim, The Dalston Devil Trio, and violent in your face Rock & Roll band Lucifer Star Machine, there will be a constant soundtrack to your weekend!

5. THE VENUE – Tobacco Dock is legitimately the best “old shopping centre turned in to international event building” I think I have ever seen. I cannot think of a better location to house this many great artists, happy punters and general tattoo merchandise!

For more information, tickets, and to check a full artist list, click HERE.

If all that isn’t enough to get you down to Tobacco Dock to have a great day/weekend, then I don’t know what is, because I’m going to be there no matter what!

Rich Jones spends his time getting great tattoos and learning Journalism and Media, which he’s going to ace a degree in, in September. When he isn’t having needles stuck in him or writing long words, he loves rugby and music.

3 Responses to “London Tattoo Convention: Five Reasons Why It’s Going To Be Amazing!”
  1. Woody says:

    September not December guys. Woody – Brighton Tattoo Convention – Blackheart Studio Epsom – Online tickets for your show

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