Damian Mills Update: The In-Sight Project

Not too long ago I wrote here about what happened to Damian ‘Demon’ Mills, who tattooed at TripleSix in Sunderland, until a tragic accident left him blind. If you didn’t catch it, you can see that here. The night which was hed for Damian was a great success, and they all managed to raise £8000 for the hospital which helped Damian.

Now, there’s a glimmer of hope for his sight.

Damian’s sister, Gemma, has found a really great new piece of technology that will really help him out. He may not be able to see like he used to again, but this new gizmo will help him to see his surroundings a little more. From there, we have a new project underway, the In-Sight Project. Here’s all the info you need, from their Facebook page (sorry for the big copy and paste, it’s all relevant though!):

Gemma has found a wonderful piece of technology called the Brainport which could help Damian to regain some awareness of his surroundings. Look it up, the videos are inspirational! This technology comes from the USA and must be funded privately at between £12000 and £18000. She is already fundraising to attain some of this cost. I write to you now to ask if you would like to take part in a project I am running to help Gemma’s fundraising and assist a fellow artist who can no longer participate in what he loves.

May I introduce to you The In-Sight Project.

The brief is to think about our sight, without which there would be no art, we would have no vocation, our passion for our art would be a void. We would never be able to exercise imagination onto a canvas, onto skin, onto paper or screen. What does that mean to us? Now produce a piece of art with that in mind……. It could be a straightforward rendering of the human eye, a representation of what your sight means to you, the last thing you might wish to see, beauty and how our eyes behold it, vision in its most primal or animalistic form, horrors of the eye, decorative or abstract notions of sight……. The brief is wide open for you to interpretation.

Your artwork MUST measure 5×7 inches. This is the only strict stipulation in the project and i must insist upon it. This is to maintain a sense of constancy, plus logistics of storage, carriage etc. Not a large piece by any standard, but easily attainable.

Works can be in any medium….. Pencil, paint, digital art, photography, scraper board, tooled leather, biro, collage….you name it! But in the end it must be a great piece of art and be suitable for auction to raise funds for this worthy cause.

All works should come with a title, full artists name, studio name and contact (contacts will be kept private), and description of medium used. Please post to myself at the address enclosed.

Submissions are accepted throughout September and up to 26th October. Artworks will be posted for the public to see on a Facebook page set up specifically for the In-Sight project. Throughout the month of November all pieces will be auctioned off through a Facebook page set up for the event Payments will be accepted by Paypal, cheque or cash and artworks will be dispatched to their loving new homes forthwith.

Please note, there is no obligation to participate, though if you chose to be a part of this, you’re a star……burn brightly!

Much love Traci Wilson

There’s already one really cool painting up by Karen Cessford which you can find here– I’d recommend keeping an eye on this page to see more coming up!

What happened to Damian is really tragic, however we all have the resources to pool together and help, which I think is a really great and honourable thing to do. If you’re a tattooer, or you can just paint really well, get on it!

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  1. james rooney (23 ink) says:

    Hi I really wish to send a piece for this if I can what is the address to post to

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