The Ukok Princess’ Return

The famous Ukok Princess will be making her return home really soon, and to mark her return, intricate drawings of her tattoos have been published online. The princess is famous for her well-preserved remains, which were found in 1993, showing some of the oldest tattoos in the world. She belonged to the Pazyryk people, who many archeologists believe had some of the most beautiful tattoos in the ancient world.

You’ll be surprised to see just how similar her tattoos are to many modern people’s tattoos. From the Siberian Times:

‘Tattoos were used as a mean of personal identification – like a passport now, if you like. The Pazyryks also believed the tattoos would be helpful in another life, making it easy for the people of the same family and culture to find each other after death,’ added Dr Polosmak.

‘Pazyryks repeated the same images of animals in other types of art, which is considered to be like a language of animal images, which represented their thoughts.

‘The same can be said about the tattoos – it was a language of animal imagery, used to express some thoughts and to define one’s position both in society, and in the world. The more tattoos were on the body, the longer it meant the person lived, and the higher was his position.

‘For example the body of one man, which was found earlier in the 20th century, had his entire body covered with tattoos. Our young woman – the princess – has only her two  arms tattooed. So they signified both age and status.’

Here’s an image of what they believe her tattoos looked like in person:


There’s a full and detailed report on the Siberian Times website, which I think you should all check out. You’ll love it! You can check that out here.

The technology which we have available to us today can really help gain a detailed insight to the history of tattooing, which goes back thousands of years. It’s something which is really cool, and I’d encourage anyone to take a look into it, if you haven’t already.

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