With The Light Of Truth.

I must say I love a good flash book, and when I first saw the Spider Murphy Flashbook, I thought it might just be the best book I would ever see. It turns out I was wrong. I recently got the chance too look through a new book called “With The Light Of Truth”, published by Memento publishing. This 256 page flashbook is a collection of tattoos , art and profiles.

You may say to yourself, ‘argh, this is just another review of another sketchbook’. Incorrect. There is rhyme and reason for the curation of this book. Every single artist in this book is straight edge, and the concept of this is something that interests me greatly as it is a path that I follow, so to see this lifestyle recognised through much of the subject matter in the book is something that I love.

Appearance is an amazing feature with this book- the cover itself makes the book look incredibly intriguing, and was on of the main reasons I was drawn to the book in the first place. It looks rather more like an ancient scripture than a flashbook. Featuring unbelievable pieces from Grez, Simon Erl, Randy Hall and Dan Smith, this is the single best book I have ever come across, and feeds my neo-traditional addiction to the maximum. If you’re a fan of the Black Dahlia Murder, there is the coolest ape tattoo ever (you’ll know what I mean when you see it). Even without the added bonus of all the artists being straight edge, this book still dominates every other flashbook I’ve looked through, even the Spider Murphys one.

Currently, I cannot find any links for sites in the UK that have any of the books available (I always check the UK sites for ease of delivery) but you can buy the book in a more organic way straight from Dan Smith’s site on THIS LINK, there is the option to pay an extra fifteen dollars and have Dan sign the book for you, if that’s what your in too. Delivery too the UK takes around six to ten days but that is nothing for the lifetime of you joy you will get back from this book.

Rich Jones spends his time getting great tattoos and learning Journalism and Media, which he’s going to ace a degree in, in September. When he isn’t having needles stuck in him or writing long words, he loves rugby and music.

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