Design Thru Chaos: Bez’s New DVD

Bez, of Triplesix tattoo shop in Sunderland, has just brought out a new DVD. Unlike a lot of those stupid crappy ones you see on the likes of eBay, this isn’t a ‘how to tattoo’ DVD at all. This one focuses on the more technical aspects of planning tattoos, within the design and layout.

On Bez’s facebook page, he said the following about the new DVD:

Over recent times the technical standard of tattooing has risen by a massive amount and I personally think that the next big movement is the layout and ideas for a tattoo. Hopefully this DVD will show you some simple methods to create stunning new flows and ideas.

The DVD seems to focus a lot on photoshop, which is actually pretty cool. It’s nice to see tattooing and technology moving forward. It’s also nice to see tattooers using something other than ‘copy and paste’ on photoshop. Bez has included his 3D models with the DVD, so you’re able to use that when you feel like you’ve gotten to grip with it all.

All you need is the DVD, a decent version of Photoshop, and (from a geek POV) I’d recommend a computer with decent memory to keep it all running smoothly. I guess it goes without saying that you should have talent and a tattoo shop if you want to translate your new skills over to tattooing as well!

Below, you can click on the image to see a preview video for the DVD. Copies can be bought from Triplesix here.

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