Vince Hemingson’s Tattoo Project

Bushwood Books were kind enough to slap a copy of Vince Hemingson’s new book, The Tattoo Project, on my desk just before I left for The Cure this weekend. The book is the result of a project which brings together 11 fine art photographers, who shot portraits of 100 tattooed people. The results are absolutely astounding, and look wonderful in this book.

The book itself is huge. You’ll definitely need to eat your porridge in the morning to lift it onto your lap. The quality of the book itself is brilliant, and it really feels like a great quality tome that’ll fit right into your existing collection. The book starts with a foreword by PJ Reece and a written piece by Vince himself, which really sets the scene by showing just how much has gone into making this book what it is today. The whole project is 15 years in the making, and it really shows.

The book then gets down to business with the portraits. Vince’s portraits are first, and they really show his talents as a photographer. The way Vince uses lighting and how he positions his models really show off a skill which he’s completely mastered, creating portraits which you can’t help but stare at. Wayne A. Hoecherl’s work follows, and is fairly similar in the way he uses light to bring focus into exactly what he wants you to see.

The book itself is quite dark-looking up until the next collection of photos, by Melanie Jane, who brings some fun and bright retro photos of ladies who look like they’ve been lifted out of a bunch of old advertisements. Straight afterwards, Marc Koegel keeps the old timey feel running with pictures that make your Instagram ‘vintage’ shots look like shit. Other great parts of this book include Spencer Kovats’ almost fashion-like shots that would make Dazed and Confused jealous, and Johnathon Vaughn’s less is more approach which captures a shot of the ‘tattoo wearer’s’ eye alongside the tattoo.

I won’t bore you too much with everything that’s here (as I’m sure you’d rather read it and find out for yourself!), but other photographers in this book include Dan Kozma, Syx Langemann, Aura McKay, Rosamond Norbury, and Jeff Weddell.

Towards the end of the book, there are notes by the project’s director, Jack Silberman, who gives the ‘making of’ account, an account by Bob Baxter, which makes you feel like you were there, and photos of the actual exhibition which the photographs were a part of.

Overall, this book is huge, and it deserves to be. There is so much work that’s gone into this, and a lot of people have spent so much time in making sure it’s absolutely perfect. It’s a must for your ever-growing coffee table, whether you’re a tattooer, a tattoo fan, or you have a love of photography. Hey, maybe you’re all three, which means you simply must buy this book.

You can buy the book from Bushwood Books here. The guys there would also like you to know that the P&P is currently FOC the UK, and 10.50GBP for EEC customers, and 18GBP for non EEC Europe. They deal with all European orders, any other orders are dealt with by the Publisher in the USA. They accept all major credit cards as well as sterling cheques drawn on a UK bank.

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