King of Tattooists: the Life and Works of George Burchett

Some highly anticipated news from Solid State Publishing comes in the form of a new book, “King of Tattooists: the Life and Works of George Burchett”.

The book, available for pre-order now and released in early September, includes his flash work, photographs, and documents the life of one of England’s best known tattooists.

In case you aren’t familiar:

George Burchett (1872-1953), also known as the King of Tattooists, became the first ‘star tattooist’, working on some of the wealthiest people in the country and across Europe. He tattooed the likes of King Alfonso XIII of Spain, and George V of the United Kingdom amongst other royalty.

Born in sunny Brighton, George Burchett worked through two World Wars in London. Without the opportunity for an apprenticeship, he started out practicing on his little brother in exchange for liquorice. Later he was expelled from school for tattooing his classmates.

Most notably he was known for his work on The Great Omi, or Horace Ridler (1892-1969). George Burchett was contacted by Omi to cover his existing tattoos with broad black stripes and other patterns, stretching across most (though not all – evidence of this is yet to be found) of his body, including his face and scalp. According to research (a lot of the history between the tattooist and client is somewhat obscured and occasionally exaggerated – as with most tales of Omi’s life) this required over 500 sittings in total.

This is going to be a special book. His biography, edited by Peter Leighton, “Memoirs of a Tattooist” is a highly sought-after and is now very rare, so don’t miss out on this little treasure.

To pre-order your copy, make sure to click here as soon as possible.

Rachel spends her day chasing other people round the office, weekends shaking cocktails and the rest of the time looking at tattoos, reading and playing with the cat. 

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