Coming Soon: Ian Parkin’s Sketchbooks

If you’re surprised this hasn’t happened sooner, I don’t think you’ll be alone. Ian Parkin, of Inkslingers Tattoo in Newcastle, has teamed up with Gentleman’s Tattoo Flash to put out his first published sketchbooks. The first book will go on sale in a couple of weeks, with the second one following a fortnight later. If you follow Ian’s work, you’ll know that many people get just as excited over his drawings just as much as his tattooing, so it’s really cool that he’s bringing this out. I love the Internet (I work on it, so I guess I have to!), but I think it’s so much better to see drawings and photos in print than on a computer/phone/tablet screen, so I’m personally excited to see it!

Ian has been keeping the sketchbook’s contents pretty close to his chest. I’m actually a friend of his and I definitely haven’t seen what’s in it yet- however, you can easily get a taste for what’s in there, because Ian draws all the freakin’ time! Below you can see four of my recent favourites to whet your appetite. If you would like to buy this book, you can keep an eye on Gentleman’s Tattoo Flash, Ian’s blog, or the Inkslingers blog. Either way, if you hit up any one of those websites in a couple of weeks you will definitely find it.

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