Rich Warburton at Dermal Puncture Emporium

First of all , I am so sorry to hear the news about Damian from TripleSix. I had the pleasure of watching Damian work at the Northwich tattoo expo back in February and he is a top bloke.

Now, this is my first piece for a while, and sadly it is only going to be a short one. I took the trip up the A49 to see my friend Rich Warburton at Stained Class Tattoo. Now, for whatever reason I haven’t seen Rich in a fair while, and there have been a few developments in this time. First of all is Rich is now going to be splitting his time between Stained Class Tattoo, and Mark Poole’s new studio Dermal Puncture Emporium in Stoke! Rich will be working at Dermal Puncture Emporium on Tuesdays and Saturdays , all day.

Having met Mark and seen him work I can tell you this will be a well oiled machine and a great shop to get tattooed at. Along with Rich and Mark, they have also added Dean Kerr to the lineup, and from the work I have seen he tattoos a mean portrait!

Check out Rich’s work here!


Rich Jones spends his time getting great tattoos and learning Journalism and Media, which he’s going to ace a degree in, in September. When he isn’t having needles stuck in him or writing long words, he loves rugby and music.

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