A Night for Damian

I’ve been meaning to write about what’s happened to TripleSix’s Damian ‘Demon’ Mills for a while. I was really shocked when my buddy Pedro told me about it. However, since I actually live not too far from him, I didn’t want any information I had clouded by anything I’d heard from my friends. However, yesterday I saw the full facts in Total Tattoo Magazine, and you know anything in that magazine is legit.

Damian has been in a terrible car crash fairly recently. Thanks to Newcastle’s hospital, the RVI, he is alive. Unfortunately, he has been left blind by the accident. No one knows if he will re-gain is sight, but it’s unlikely he’ll ever return to tattooing. It’s a tattooer’s most heartbreaking nightmare, and a melancholy loss to tattooing.

Damian’s friends and family have organised a charity night to celebrate Damian coming home from hospital safe. It will take place on the 24th of August, at The Stella in Washington (NE37 1BH). As I said, I live near here, so feel free to ask if you don’t know how to get there. There’ll be live bands and a raffle, and nine tattooers have each donated a full day’s tattooing to auction off. All of the money raised will be donated to the RVI’s ITU. Tickets are only 3 pounds. You can find out more here.

I don’t personally know Damian, but I feel like also sharing with you that the picture you can see above is one I took of him at the Peterlee Tattoo Convention in 2011. That convention was the first I ever covered for a magazine, and this was the first picture I took. Damian was a really nice guy, and he was cool about letting a nervous weirdo with a camera into his space for a minute or two. Where some tattooers weren’t so nice, it was appreciated a lot. The guy’s a gent, and deserves respect and support.

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