TattooNow Webcast This Weekend!

Last week I received a brilliant invite on Facebook from Guy Aitchison’s page, for a webcast which will be online on Saturday. The name of the webcast is The Visionary Tattoo & Webcast: Empowerment, Healing, & Transformation through Body Art, and it looks really cool.

Basically, on Saturday, at around 5PM EST (which I believe is about 10PM, GMT), the webcast starts with a free screening of Innerstate. Innerstate is a documentary which was produced by Guy Aitchison, about tattooing and how creativity can be found in numbers, put simply. It looks like a really great documentary, which I’ve personally been dying to see for quite a while.

After that there will be a panel talk on visionary, magical and ritual tattooing, which seems really cool, too. Over here in the UK there isn’t really much emphasis put on this kind of tattooing, so I think it’s something we’ll all learn from and be interested in. The talk will feature  Guy Aitchison, Michele Wortman, James Kern and Natan Alexander.

Finally, there’ll be something which the guys there are calling a painting jam, which sounds really interesting! It’s definitely something I’ve never seen online before. There’ll be live music on at this time as well, so I think it will wrap up your evening nicely.

I definitely recommend getting a couple of beers in and chilling out this weekend to this. If you want to know more, please feel free to click here for the Facebook page- I think you’ll like it!

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