Taboo at the Last Rites Gallery

So, this little treasure hit the Tattoosday inbox and just had to share (mostly ‘cos Mel wanted it shared, but also it’s freaking epic).

Last Rites Gallery in the New York, yeah) have just launched their latest exhibition, Taboo. Showcasing extraordinary artistic talent from the 7th July to the 1st August, Taboo is sure to interest anyone with an eclectic and perhaps eccentric taste in art. Brought together by the same people behind some of Laurie Lipton’s exhibitions, this is sure to be a huge and highly acclaimed show.

Taboo is, as the name suggests, about the taboos in society, including sex, self-harm and deformity.

To quote Jon Beinart, the curator of the exhibition:

“Works featured in this exhibition explore the theme unashamedly, fearlessly and sometimes with humour. Breaking the “taboo” is usually considered objectionable by society, whether it be a violation of something held sacred or a threat against traditional beliefs. In a society run riot with political correctness, this exhibition has given an exceptional group of artists a forum to challenge, surprise and even confront the public.”

The pieces, including oil on canvas and hardboard, charcoal pieces are from an astounding 53 artists.


For more info on the exhibition see the Last Rites Gallery’s website:

Jeff Christensen- Grave Goods

Satumo Butto- Blood is my Favourite Flavour


Rachel spends her day chasing other people round the office, weekends shaking cocktails and the rest of the time looking at tattoos, reading and playing with the cat. 

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