Tacky Or Tasteful: A Jodie Marsh Story

Jodie Marsh never really had my respect before, but today she did something I admire greatly. She defended the art of tattooing, and the people who get them. After the recent headlines of Joanna Southgate at Ascot (article here), and Karolina Pliskova’s tattoos on show at Wimbledon, ITV show This Morning decided to spark up a debate by having Jodie Marsh, avid collector of tattoos, and “star” of TV’s “Jodie Marsh : Tattoo Apprentice”, fighting the corner of us lowly tattoo fans, and Marisa Peer, what I would usually call a Judgemental Cow, but on this occasion, I would call “the opposing party”.

Marisa Peer began the argument by stating that her daughter has a tattoo, excellent, she hasn’t poisoned her daughters mind to think that if she has tattoo’s she is less of a person. However, Marisa did go on to state that if her daughter were to get another tattoo, then she would kick her out of her house. Hmmmm, really Marisa? Really? oh please, do go on! Surely if her daughter is of a consenting and legal age for tattooing, then her mother really has no bearing on her decision, and her reaction is a typical reaction of somebody who has no outstanding of the industry.

Jodie Marsh also raised a particularly interesting point about tattooing, she called them “Fashion Tattoos” , now, this sounds like a neat little phrase, but she finds herself out in the sense that after she announces people “Should not get fashion tattoos…” she then goes on to say “…. like a japanese Koi carp, which is currently fashionable”. Now, I don’t know how traditional japanese tattooers, or tattoo collectors feel about this statement, because to me, Koi are not fashionable, but they are indeed timeless, and for me seeing a brilliantly produced Koi is a wonderful thing.

Marisa Peer then went on to state that she would never employ somebody with tattoos, because she believed it means that they are “impulsive”, well, Marisa, believe me when I say , this is ridiculous, my first tattoo’s which eventually became my first sleeve were a product of extensive research. It took me a good year to piece together what I wanted to have on me for the rest of my life, and It took me a good year and a half of research to find out where and who by the tattoo would be done. This is not impulsive and in my opinion this statement is just a guise for not employing somebody because you do not like tattoos!

In terms of the argument, a large emphasis was put on Age as a reason for getting regretful or bad quality tattoos, this is something I have but one opinion on. A good tattooist will make sure they never tattoo somebody under the legal age limit, and if you find somebody openly willing to do so , you have to question their motives, whether their work is of a poor standard, or if they simply haven’t got the customers coming through the door.

I am currently making it sound like Jodie Marsh is some kind of tattoo prophet. Don’t get me wrong, she slipped up- on two particular occasions I found myself screaming at the television, “NO!”. The first point Jodie stated, “….tattoos have to have meaning..”, is put simply, a matter of opinion rather than being correct. I find that statement is ludicrous. Also, when asked if she has kids, and they one day come up to her aged 13 or 14, would she consider them to be of an age to be tattooed, Jodie replied with “If they came to me, aged 16, or 17, or 18 then yes, but no younger than that….”. Whoa, this is a woman who has been actively tattooing people! If you want to get anywhere, and for the purposes of this argument, why the hell did she not just say, “they can have tattoos when they are 18, which is the legal age”? This for me is where Jodie’s argument starts to crumble, as she has just contradicted one of the salient laws of tattooing. Luckily Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby did not prey on this fact and Jodie was spared her blushes.

The argument was then sewn up with Marisa stating that tattoos show “a lack of forward thinking”, which we all know isn’t true, with Jodie saying that Marisa was shallow and judgemental. As this debate ran, ITV did a vote for tacky or tasteful, and low and behold tasteful prevailed 61% to 39%!

Now, Ladies and Gents , have your say in the comments section, does anybody agree with Marisa Peer? or are you a Jodie Marsh follower?

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Rich Jones spends his time getting great tattoos and learning Journalism and Media, which he’s going to ace a degree in, in September. When he isn’t having needles stuck in him or writing long words, he loves rugby and music.

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