Re-Post: Corrected by a ‘Thicko’.

Many of you have already been in touch about the article featured on the Daily Mirror’s website containing Tony Parsons’ insane ramblings about those with tattoos. I wrote something on my personal blog the other day about it, and those who have read it already seem to like it. I hope you guys do too, here’s a quick re-post of it!

Mel Noir's Blog

Well, I’m back sooner than expected to this blog!

I’m getting kind of tired of everyone today talking about some guy who wrote an article for the Mirror (really) about how much he hates tattoos, how stupid he is, how prejudiced he is… whatever. I feel compelled to point out that you shouldn’t even be caring about what a moron like this has to say. He has horrible beady eyes, looks like a bit of a dodgy old man, and he can’t even write properly. Here, let me point out why you shouldn’t be giving a shit about this whatsoever (apart from the obvious reasons, of course), with a quick breakdown of this guy’s “article”.

AS soon as the sun starts shining, I realise with a sinking heart that Britain is now a tattooed nation.

Tattoos are everywhere. You see them on firm young flesh and on wobbly, middle-aged flab…

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