Even the Movies Get it Wrong…

I’ve had to sit through a billion different soliloquies from idiots who just have to tell me what their tattoo means to them. My god, it is so boring. I never even ask them, they’re just always finding an opportunity to bore you to death with how dumb they are.

In Hollywood, however, it’s different- if a film has to explain to you why someone has a tattoo, the director usually sees it as pointless and boring (some o’y’all could learn from this), and they seem to cut it from the film. There are many movies where the characters have tattoos, and no one feels the need to explain it.

In some films, they did a good thing by not explaining it.

Cracked.com has a brilliant list at the moment, of films where some characters had hilariously stupid tattoos. You don’t know they’re stupid, because it isn’t explained, but nothing ever gets past Cracked.com. Did you know that the whole plot for The Mummy is hidden in some characters’ tattoos? The same characters who are supposed to be on the bad guy’s side. Did you also know that Justin Timberlake’s chinese tattoo in Alpha Dog actually says that he really loves ice skating? Now you do.

The article has three more really funny examples, which you can find here.

People of the world, please take a leaf from Hollywood’s book! Don’t bore me with your stories of your tattoos, unless you’re really certain that your Chinese symbols don’t mean ‘ass pork chops’. Also, please don’t think I just ruined the film Alpha Dog for you. It was awful to begin with.

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