Quickfire Q&A with Clara Sinclair

Clara Sinclair is the newest addition to 13 Diamonds Tattoo in Soho, an area which is not only the sex shop mecca of Our Nation’s Capital, but also home to several excellent tattoo studios.

Clara trained as an oil painter and prosthetic designer and, after travelling for a while, settled in London and discovered tattooing, becoming a resident artist at 13 Diamonds just a couple of months ago. She can also be found tattooing at Never Say Die Tattoo in Croydon.

She says Greek mythology and modern day artistry provide particular sources of inspiration for her work, which covers a lot of diverse styles. However, she tends to specialist in semi-realism and surrealism, and is comfortable with both colour and black and grey.

Considering she has only been tattooing for a year, Clara is already producing some very impressive work and I’m definitely tipping her for tattoo megastardom.

I caught up with Clara to ask her how she got her break in a highly competitive world, and what advice she would give to aspiring tattooists.

Tattooing is a tough space to break in to – how did you land your permanent job at 13 Diamonds?

13 Diamonds is run by the one and only Araceli 4Ever. I am working part time there and working at another tattoo studio called Never Say Die Tattoo which is run and owned by biomechanical master Kali Wlodarski. Considering I haven’t been tattooing for very long, I am very lucky to be instantly surrounded by so many talented artists.

I got my break into tattooing by doing a lot of watching and learning, talking to a lot of artists until I found someone willing to let me tattoo and watch! I never had a formal apprenticeship, I am mainly self taught.

I started tattooing in a small shop which was completely out of the way of anything and anywhere, and after a number of months I decided to contact Araceli and Kali, who took me under their wing and gave me a position.

Do you have any tips for aspiring tattoo artists?

My advice is if you really want something you just gotta go out there and get it. It’s not easy at times, but on the flip side it can be the best job in the world!

Draw, draw, draw…you can never do enough of that and never stop pushing yourself…as an artist and as a person. The moment you stop trying to get better or improve yourself is the moment you should stop being an artist.

For bookings with Clara contact info@13diamonds.com / 0207 437 0032

My name is Hannah Smith and I am a regular contributor to Tattoo Revolution Magazine, and now I blog for Tattoosday UK, as long as you dear readers don’t run me out of town! I am on the hunt for ideas for future blog posts so please send me your pics, news, views, whatever to hannahfranink@gmail.com or twitter.com/ hannah_fran_ink


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